Support & Services

Cloud Support

We offer troubleshoot support in Mirantis and RedHat latest products, including Kubernetes , databases (MySQL, MariaDB, OracleDB). We offer also how to dimension the POD for the applications so the POD will work without overload who can lead to traffic outage

Telco Support

In Telco business we have long experience with Ericsson MSC and MSS products and we offer troubleshooting and 24/7 support and node dimension in virtualization and for bare metal . To avoid node outage who is very costly and effect many end customer(s) we give support and guidance how to avoid it.

AI ( Artificial Intelligence)

The company is certified for Artificial Intelligence at 27th of May 2019 , and we will offer strategic business support for Cloud compute implementation.

We offer Artificial Intelligence business presentation for Openstack and what kind of impact the AI have on each Openstack components.

We arrange Artificial Intelligence business presentation for NON Openstack components as well.


We offer different kind of services like scripting and code reviews. For telco products (like Ericsson) we can test the machine code and review the high level code.

For Cloud services (Mirantis and RedHat) we offer same as telco services, scripting and code review, we can take part in DevOPs and we have experience with Jenkins tool.