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Project Description

Device Specifications:

  • Packaged in a nice, small and waterproof case
  • Plenty of space for a branded sticker or maybe a UV print and of course the two-sided tape which holds the device where it’s needed
  • Endless possibilities of SimplePack utilization in combination with Sigfox Geolocation
  • Waterproof through ultrasonic welding and no openings (no official IP rating – however, the manufacturing process is identical to the way the SimplePack 3.0 Plus Full is made – and this device has an official IP68 rating)
  • Battery type: Primary LiMnO2 (non-rechargeable, non-replaceable), 550 mAh
  • Size: 65 x 25 x 10mm
  • Battery longevity: 4000 messages (in guard mode – 10 years)
  • *the number of messages and battery longevity in years was taken from some testing we’ve done with the SimplePack (both versions) – the devices were in the Guard me mode and were not sending more 140 messages/day (Sigfox daily limit).
  • Dimensions: 65x29x10 mm
  • Volume: 18 cm³
  • Weight: 17g
  • Open and documented API

Project Details