The IoT products

The IoT products can be used in different areas e.g. support of elderly people who living at home, in emergencies or other supports from the society can be requested by using IoT where the client press the button on the handheld device to get help from the elderly support company. It’s a beneficial for the individual and society to utilize the digitization technology.

For inventories of warehouses the technology is useful when it’s comes to planing the logistic of the assets and items who have to be logical placed in the warehouse when it’s comes to deliveries. To minimum the unnecessarily movements of items and provide on-real-time planning who save costs and human capitals. For warehouses a several types of high sensitive sensors are recommended for different types measurements.

To prevent burgling and other criminal activities the IoT helps to prevent these activities and help to survey the building and assets. The sensitive sensors are designed to measures e.g. activities, humidity, temperature, CO2, etc.

The IoT is beneficial for services of emergency items like defibrillators and other medical emergencies products who has to be up-to-date serviced, the IoT sensors notify immediately when someone has used the emergency products. Due to the high sensitive sensors, the emergencies items is localized and can be easy found by the IoT platform or mobile application.

For the community the IoT provide, e.g. water consumption measurement, prevent water flooding by early alarming, emergency medical assets who has be under strict surveillance, electricity consumption in a open-space areas or areas who has to be electricity measured. For the community there are a package of solutions we offer.