R Drone / Mobile Jammers by ENERGEO



Energeo now provide a range of surveillance and counter surveillance products and services to industry, government and the private sector. Our engineering team provide first class innovative systems by thinking outside the box. We have a very flexible approach to system design, build and installation.




    NEW FOR 2022


    The worlds first carbon fibre drone jamming gun
    The worlds first carbon fibre drone jamming gun with wave guide technology.
    Weight, remember these are handheld
    Safety (we have wave guide technology) You do not want to be sitting in a microwave!
    IP65 rating, higher than most
    Small size easy to carry
    No external battery packs (again EMC problem, safety, no one ever talks about this)
    Not 3D printed (have you seen some of the kit out there?)
    and of course, UK manufactured, not rebadged, or assembled to get around that!