Business To Business

As xVentures technologies is only for B2B companies and we provide the best IoT design and equipment provided by our partners ( see section OUR PARTNERS). We provide new businesses models for those companies who have decided to chose automation model who release the company staff from monotonous and repetitive work. The company staff can concentrate at more profitably business who brings values to the company. The era of digitization comes with Internet of Things and other digitization technologies.

Project for IoT

Our co-operation partner designing IoT platform and all needed design who is requested from the customer. A project can be worked out in a prototype and PoC concept to verify the requirement.

IoT Device Price model

The price model for the devices (sensors) as we are provided by our partners Simpelhw and Sigfox are based on amounts of devices and types.

The devices has different types of sensors with different complexity and therefore the price is based up on the device complexity model.

IoT Sensors from Simplehw

The Company

xVentures is a technologic company and we working within IoT area(s) and we offer IoT devices provided by Simplehw and Sigfox. Our co-operation partner list have increased and more partner will join the company. Our partner offer advanced IoT designing and business solution processes.

At 27th of May 2019 xVentures technologies has been Artificial Intelligence Implications Business Strategy Certified at MIT Sloan. The xVentures technologies is a member of Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia.

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Sens’it a new unit to offer
7 May 02:12 pm

We will soon offer a new IoT device to our clients, and in meanwhile take a look...

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Many reason for companies to chose IoT technologies.
25 Apr 04:37 pm

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