Use cases

Use cases

Smart Industry

With Power generator application we can measure 
following : 

Engine speed:  tr/min

Oil pressure:  bar

Oil temperature: 
Coolant temperature: 

Running hours: 

Service timer 1: 

Service timer 2: 

Generator voltage (L1/L2): V
Generator voltage (L2/L3): V

Generator voltage (L3/L1): V

Generator voltage (L1/N):  V
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Smart Retail

For inventories of warehouses the technology is 
useful when it’s comes to planning the logistic
of the assets and items who have to be logical
placed in the warehouse when it’s comes to
deliveries. To minimum the unnecessarily
movements of items and provide 
on-real-time planning who save costs and
human capitals. For warehouses a several
types of high sensitive sensors are
recommended for different types of

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 Smart Building

The Air Quality is important in private and 
public building, by the application we can 
measure all offices 24/7 and the
data is visual presented.  

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For the community the IoT provide, e.g. water 
consumption measurement, prevent water
leaking by early alarming,
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Smart Industry

By pressing on the Green or Red on the
"Security push button application" 
connected machinery will be immediately 
started or stopped. The data is stored 
in the Cloud system and all information
 is available for investigation.
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